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The Negative Calorie Energy Drink. Burn More with Every Sip.

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Celsius Burn More Calories Energy Drink

Burning calories can be so tasty! How? With the World's first and only "Negative Calorie" drink called Celsius.

Celsius raises body heat, also known as thermogenesis, and helps burn calories. Each single serving of Celsius contains only 10 calories but helps you burn an additional 100 calories, leaving you with a calorie deficit.

Transform your Life with Celsius

Celsius is a negative calorie fitness drink, available in ready-to-drink cans and powder, that boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories during your normal workout or exercise activity, making this pre-exercise fitness drink the key to your ultimate workout!

Celsius has not only been scientifically proven to boost your metabolism, and it is also provides energy that lasts for hours. Celsius is sugar-free, and using a process called thermogenesis, allows you to burn more fat and calories during your fitness routine. Fueled by a unique combination of green tea extract, ginger root, guarana, B-vitamins and caffeine, this fitness drink will leave you wondering where Celsius has been all your life.

Celsius Negative Calorie Drink

Benefits of Celsius Negative Calorie Energy Drink

Celsius is breaking all the rules. Most energy drinks are full of empty calories that cause a spike and crash in energy levels, where Celsius provides healthy energy that lasts for hours.

  • Clinically Proven
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Improves Endurance
  • Vitamin Enriched
  • Tastes Great!

Now you can enjoy the great taste of burning calories with these refreshing healthy energy drink flavors, all delicately balanced with a hint of ginger.

How does Celsius Negative Energy Drink Work?

Celsius is powered by a MetaPlus formula that helps to increase metabolism, burn body fat, and give you long lasting energy. With Celsius you can push harder and go longer during your favorite exercise activity. To receive the full benefits of Celsius, drink 15 minutes before your exercise activity and combine with a healthy diet.

Celsius contains a proprietary blend called MetaPlus, and works in combination with Green tea, EGCG, caffeine, and other good-for-you ingredients to boost metabolism and create thermogenesis within the body.

Studies show Celsius has the unique ability to positively raise metabolism when consumed 15 minutes prior to moderate exercise.

Celsius only makes energy boosting, negative calorie fitness drink using only the highest quality healthy ingredients. Put Celsius to the test, choose the healthy alternative to the average energy drink. Why settle for less when you can get so much more?

Celsius Negative Calorie Drink

So Much More Than an Energy Sports Drink

Most energy drinks are full of empty calories designed to only give a rush of energy and tend to cause your energy levels to spike and crash. Celsius, on the other hand, is your healthy energy drink partner whether you walk the dog, are cycling, running a marathon, playing softball or workout at the gym. Clinical studies show that drinking a refreshing sugar-free Celsius before you exercise burns more calories, raises metabolism and provides lasting energy to power you through your routine and beyond. Even better, studies show Celsius may reduce body fat, increase endurance and provide greater resistance to fatigue (increased energy).

Celsius Contains Healthy and Sugar-Free Ingredients

Celsius is sugar free and contains:

B Vitamins – 100% of the daily value of the important B-vitamin complex; vitamin B2 (riboflavin), biotin, niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and cobalamin (vitamin B12). These B vitamins are essential for metabolism and energy production. The B-vitamins help to support the adrenal glands. The process of thermogenesis utilizes hormones produced by the adrenal glands and can cause these glands to become fatigued. The addition of B-vitamins helps to nourish the adrenal glands.

Biotin – A key nutrient that functions in metabolism and helps convert fats and protein into energy.

Vitamin C- Helps support natural resistance and the proper functioning of the immune system.

Calcium is a mineral that may support metabolism as well as improve bone mineral content.

Chromium – A mineral that has been added to help control hunger and maintain healthy insulin levels.

Celsius Negative Calorie Drink
Burn More and Save More with Celsius Negative Calorie Drink

Celsius is Available in Five Delicious Natural Flavors

Non-Carbonated Green Tea flavors: Raspberry Acai and Peach Mango; and Sparkling flavors: Orange, Wild Berry, and Cola. Celsius is also available in "On-the-Go Stick" Packets in two flavors, Outrageous Orange and Berry Blast. Both can be added to water or your favorite non-carbonated beverage for a delicious orange or berry flavor.

And experts think Celsius tastes great too! Celsius has won ten awards in categories such as Best New Functional Product, Best New Health Initiative and the CSP Retailers Choice Award.

How Many Celsius Fitness Drinks Can I Drink Per Day?

The recommended consumption of Celsius is no more than 2 servings (can, or powder stick) per day, with several hours between the consumption of each serving. Celsius contains a total of 200mg of caffeine, from all sources, which is similar to drinking one 12 oz cup of coffee. The caffeine content of Celsius is derived from both natural (guarana and green tea) and synthetic (pharmaceutical caffeine labeled as anhydrous) sources. This proprietary blend of natural and anhydrous ceffeine sources is one of the contributing factors to the lasting energy benefit Celsius consumers enjoy.

If you are trying Celsius for the first time we recommend you try ¼ to ½ a serving (can, and stick) and access tolerance. People who are sensitive to caffeine should consult with their healthcare practitioner before consuming Celsius.

Celsius Easily Fits into you Lifestyle

Most people consume Celsius in the morning or at lunch as a replacement for coffee, diet soda or an energy shot. Looking for a fitness partner? For the Ultimate Workout or to improve your active sports regimen (running, cycling, etc.), try Celsius before you begin your workout. Studies show, drinking Celsius 15 minutes prior to your exercise or workout routine enhances the benefits of moderate exercise. Participants who consumed a can of Celsius once a day before exercise saw improved endurance and reduced body fat, resulting in positive changes to body composition during the 10-week study. If you travel or need to pack light, the Celsius On-the-Go Sticks are perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Celsius is not recommended for people sensitive to caffeine, children under the age of 12, or women who are pregnant or nursing. People who are sensitive to caffeine should consult with their healthcare practitioner before consuming Celsius. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before consuming Celsius if you are taking prescription medicine, have been advised by your doctor to avoid stimulants or caffeine, or have a medical concern that warrants a physician's consultation.

Burn Body Fat with Celsius Drink Today!

You can accelerate your weight loss with just one Celsius each day — that’s it. No matter what diet or exercise routine you’re on, clinical studies show drinking a great-tasting Celsius burns up to 93% more fat, blasts 100 calories or more and raises metabolism. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, Celsius provides lasting energy to power you through your transformation, whether you are looking to slim down or build up. Eating healthy and increasing your activity contributes to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Grab a Celsius and see the difference! And let us know what you think in the comments below.



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