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Protein2o Protein-Enhanced Electrolytes for Lean Muscle

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Protein2o is a line of lightly flavored waters enhanced with protein to restore lean muscle and electrolytes to replenish hydration.  Protein2o is the world’s first water infused with protein and electrolytes. Unlike other “enhanced beverages” that promise benefits but deliver only empty calories and sugar crashes, Protein2o delivers real benefits you can see and feel. Each bottle contains 30% of your RDA of protein, and electrolytes to improve hydration. There are a variety of health benefits associated with protein consumption.

Calories from Protein

Each bottle contains 70 calories. Each gram of protein contains 4 calories so consider these “good for you” calories because they mostly come from protein.  And best of all, Protein2o is caffeine-free and gluten-free!

Also, the whey proteins used in Protein2o are purified to remove the lactose and fat leaving only the good stuff (protein) behind. So, it is lactose-free too.

There are numerous benefits to drinking Protein2o water as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Protein2o waters are infused with HydroLean protein proven to help build lean muscle, promote satiety (feeling full), improve cognition, increase natural energy, promote weight loss and repair damaged muscle tissue.

Infused with HydroLean for Lean Muscle

HydroLean is a proprietary protein blend that has been clinically formulated to help rebuild lean muscle and strength. The protein molecules have been simplified to improve digestion and minimize waste. This process allows for faster absorption by the body when compared to other proteins.

How to Consume Protein2o Water?

Protein2o water is best consumed before, during or after a workout (30 minutes or less) or in-between meals as a light and healthy snack to stave off hunger. Enjoy Protein2o water anytime as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Although it’s perfectly safe to drink Protein2o water at room temperature, we highly recommend chilling for best taste and maximum refreshment.

Protein2o is All Natural 

Protein2o is made of all natural ingredients and is sugar-free.  Even the colors used in Protein2o flavors are fruit and vegetable based and are 100% natural.

Protein2o comes in delicious flavors in 16.9 oz bottles which are 100% BPA free.



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